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Friday, 3 April 2015


Rowed to screaming distress of guilt:undone:
     Truth of not his Father's.
Sin; that foul act in knowledge,
     Once sought in a garden,
     A woman's deed
     For a man's dead; Irrelevant.

A man of sorrow
     Rowed on my sins: of scarlet red
     Casted on the whitest snow,
     Scarleting Him,
     He poured sin from his palm,
     Head: as thorny crowned-
     Sin, He wholly parted with.

Man of Sorrow;
     From purity, he sprouted
     In purity, he laid,

Man of Sorrow,
     Despised, rejected; thrown to the bush-
     A bush once burnt non burningly.

Spotted by my transgressions.
     Grief, i laid on him-
     a blameless man; i esteemed not.

A man of sorrows,
     Bearing my sorrows,
     Bleeding my blood, Guilty me;
     Of regrets.

In a dry land i grow;
     a tender plant,
     Watered with blood
     Growing in Heaven's flood.

Man of Sorrow,
     A lamb to the slaughter;
     Sharp knives bless his face;unspeaking.
     A sheep before its shearer is dumb,
He watched his death,
     Bore the pain, unspeaking-
     for thoughts of me:
     of you: afflicted: cannot hear the pain
He watched our death in his death.

     He Graced us in the disgrace of death!

Man of Sorrow
    King of Glory. 

© 03/04/15

Thursday, 27 November 2014


Dear ladies,

As you ask for the ring
Know that-
its a ticket to a ring.
A ring
where friends are spectators,
A ring
In which you embrace
When hit by misunderstanding.

Just a symbol is the ring
So if by accident it swings
Let not your vow fling.

Place the ring in your heart
Not your finger
For marriage is not fashion, outside
But a communion, inside.

A golden ring
A diamond ring
A silver ring
A copper ring
An aluminium ring-

For an aluminium ring
Can birth a golden marriage
While a golden one cannot.

A ring cannot foretell a marriage!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Show


Now good people, I present to
Your humble eyes—

The Show.

Watch with your brains
Elope it when it reaches your eyes!
I will magnify my being when it’s all over.

Scene 1.

From stage left
With an opening on stage right
With no stage fright
The toads rushed on stage.

Scene 2
Converged beneath the steps of great minds
The crocodile addressed them—
“Welcome my children!
We have watched the bush
Grow to the breath, so no rest!
And as proof, we have the
Glory of the forest now”.
The lizards take their turn.
They appraise morality
From their macbathean brains.

Scene change.

Time seeks audience with days and
Time bargains for day’s weeks
In five times two folds.
Now they hold
On to the contract papers.

Light fades in on time.

Scene 4
The grey lizard walks upright
With morality as his might.
It sits with his tail
Twiggling like a snail.
It speaks—
“Let gladness sit in your heart
For this is the only bush
Where the lizard broods over the fowl’s eggs”.

Scene 5
Light comes up on a toad
Coming down the road
To the crocodile’s court.
It knocked on the door-
 he entered as commanded.
What a sight!
A toad gracefully sited in the seat of royalty
Displaying beautiful smiles of stupidity.
Where is our king? The toad asked,
Is anything the problem? it answered questioningly.


Scene 6
Toad alone on stage,
It has come of age.
It laments-
What a land we live in?
Our kings are invalid
Yes invalid!
For they mix blood with serfs,
Their decisions are full of prejudice
I must see the seer,
The seer must throw the dice
Exit toad

Scene 7
Under dim light
Great minds converge
On a trivial issue—
“That toad is taking all the wenches”
“Yes” they chorused.
What should we do?
“Let’s massage it,
It will forget its taking a hit,
With his knees will it sit
In the pool of a debacle”.

Scene 8
The old seer sits like a god
In the all-knowing shrine
Communing with the spirit at wine.
Enter the toad as commanded,
Sandals outed,
Opened mouth to utter….
“You dare not insult the spirits
By revealing what is known to them”
Shhhhhhh! He uttered—
“Screwing and screwing
In the caves in the bush.
The tree and the soil cannot relate,
Foolish intelligence thrives on the stage!
But for the three buds sent forth
Doom tags the stage
Hm hm hm hm
One robber
Hmm mm hmm
The other a merchant
Hmm hmm hmm

Vessel of the spirit,
What can be done?
The toad asked,
Use your power and escape,
Kismet awaits them.
But what of the stage?
It has survived attacks of the age.

Cue the light
To put it in sight
Cue the sound
Let it be loud
Design the costumes
To set out character
Paint the scenery like it is-
A beautiful tragedy
Play your role
For you are all actors.
Cast, come take a bow
The audiences are sad now.
Did you enjoy the show?
No , No, No
Let’s give them a hand,
It’s not easy,
I use poetic vibes
To present this unfair tide
With a prayer—
God be on your side!