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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Memories: Back and Face

Our backs face each other
Our faces back each other
We do not look each other in the face
Our backs look each other in a void space!

We do not look in the eyes
Of the memories we once shared-
It's a leaf in the beak of a soaring eagle!

~~nene tetteh adusu~~
#TearsOfRain #LostOnes #Memories #Musings #NotForgotten

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


That sky cried wind into my being
I wallowed blindly in myself
To search the water in me
To hold me down to this earth.

The sun dried the river in me
Empty am I in myself.

Windy blood in my veins.
I exist in torments scaled on me
I hold my pain to the thin air-
cried by the sky,
Wind to wind-
Blown away!

~~~Nene Tetteh Adusu~~~

Sunday, 16 August 2015


             Yeeyeyee yeyee eee
Niimɛi Naamɛi eyishi wɔteŋ.
Akweley and Akuoko are the lips of the gods today.

            the leaves have seen the drink
            From the dew watered palm tree.

Alɔnte diŋ ko efooo wɔteŋ!
Our land is being cleansed
Our sins are being purged!

Wɔbole kutu wɔkpe abɔɔmli,
Wulɔmɔ has called on the gods-
Nae, Korle, Sakumo, Nsake...

The purest of humanity,
The perfected blessing from Obɔade: the twins,
carry our follies on their heads
In the gagba of forgiveness.

Oko and Akuete take steps towards Jɔɔshi,
they dance to the musical breath of the gods-
fall like logs,
Rise like smoke
With the gagba head-fixed, untouched!

               Jɛmawojii eyishi.

To the huge tree without roots,
We follow the gods, in the twins,
There, we empty our griefs of sorrows
With a sacrifice neither bought or demanded!

We return without sorrows
But a light heart to eat kpokpoi
In the full eyes of the new moon.

  ~Ŋene Tetteh Adusu Lalawiemɔ

Poet's Notes:
Ga is the language! Homowo is the festival.

Inspired by the Twin Ritual popularly known as "Akweley Suma" but originally its Hajii Ayeleyeli.

Picture @nanasirosei

Thursday, 6 August 2015


I am an heir to a throne-
a throne pearled and golden with red.

I am an heir to a throne,
A throne built and perfected
Being perfected.

Till i ascend my throne
At a ceremony with trumpeting angels
hailing my stewardship
I still reman an heir to a throne.

~nene tetteh adusu