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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

at SeA

Within range you could feel it,

Its warmth embrace,

The nature you know

It hasn’t got an end.

Birds fly over it

With bliss and passion,

Singing the glory and praise

Of the smiling sea.

The cloud looks on

With different shade of tremendous

As the sea rise and fall.

I sat to ponder

Over this wonder.

The sea beats and waves in,

With different sound and power

Accompanying each move.

As I watched,

It brought slippers, coconut, weeds

And took them back again,

Until finally they laid still.

Not a prophecy but a revelation

A revelation about life

Lovers on the banks,

Hand in hand,

Never to be separated,

Wildly smiling at one another.

They are just like the sea

They know not what lies ahead,

Their union is unforetold.

As I prepared to leave,

I was salty,

What an impartation!

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