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Monday, 13 August 2012


I seem not to know why I love to write

Writing poem is what puts me in a dilemma

A dilemma I do not want out.


I am poetry

With my ink

I can go everywhere.

Just imagine

With that I transcend time.

I can create an image of you

Just picture,

A long flowing hair touching hell fire

Walking in heels touching heaven’s gate

Just to kiss the groom on the head.


That’s imagery.

Just say

You dance like an okomfo

With your home like agbogloshie,

You see am similing—simile.

I have the right to write whatever

Because I have the license to write whatever

Yes I have the right to write whatever

Yes ! I can repeat that too

Because I have the license to repeat

I can choose to play saying

I saw a boy with no boy

Going to see a boy whose boy was awol

So he saw a boy who boyed him up

To be the boy I saw – a girl.

I am poetry

I have a message in me,

A message for the wise and buluu.

Now I rhyme to entertain you

Yet emphasizing things dear to me…

When I started writing

I never knew it was demanding

Until I started playing

Then my pen began foretelling

That I should be poeting.

I am a poet

You treat me like no one.


I am a doctor with a pen

I am an engineer with a paper

I am a teacher with an ink

I am a lawyer with a voice

I am a prostitute with a body.

I am a poet.

I am a poet and

I have poets as friends

We are People Of Equal Thoughts and Spirit

A basic poem.

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