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Friday, 24 August 2012


”In the event that the queen accepts, I shall advice her to invite the opposition to form a government. Above all, it was a privilege to serve. And yes , I loved the job for its potential to make this country I love fairer, more tolerant, more green, more democratic, more prosperous and more just-truly a greater  Britain”.­­—Gordon Brown—after the election.

It is disheartening to write that, most African politicians can’t do what Gordon Brown did. He really showed the world the difference in what makes a true legend and a real politician—accepting the election results as the true reflection of the PEOPLE.

In Africa, a crop of different politicians move on the surface of the continent but many are the same as they are related by a common goal for which they aspired to “serve”-the prestige, the titles, the ceremonies.

Most African politicians are not at fault to an inch but the African electorate. Most African electorates sell their vote and conscience for money. Oh! What a continent we live in. They are not blame as their circumstance demands that. The African politician campaigns so meekly and generously. A Ga—an ethnic group in Ghana—adage says “a man’s mind is a country”. It is a hard to tell what it’s (the mind) made of. A loaded curriculum vitae is read by the media to the populace and it’s interesting to know that most of them have had ties with the other continents, yet they do not seem to be the same servants when in power.

Its mind blocking to stipulate that most African Politicians do not have the sense of nationalism as compared to their mates. The African electorate is being taken for a ride.

Now, the sense of nationalism is dying or dead in Africa with Nelson Mandela and Kwame Nkrumah respectively. The sense of one’s self only and no respect for the people is now the order of the day. He who stays in power is accused of rigging and he who is removed from office also accuses the other of the same “crime”. They think about themselves and not how the nation is suppose to be. Mr. Brown acknowledge the fact that he losing majority means the people have lost confidence in him, so he resigns helping the opposition steer affairs. Not in Africa now. The acceptance of defeat is seen as a weakness and not strength.

Kenya and Zimbabwe are living testimonies to our crop of leaders. Not only the fore mentioned but those you don’t hear of and think all is well have an internal battle they are facing—not yielding to the views of the opposition.

The African nationalist along their struggle never preach self centeredness but dedication and nationalism first.

There are still real and true politicians in Africa but the electorate hardly hear them and sometimes do not pay heed to them because they have not got the cash to buy their “conscience”. Now Kwasi Pratt said that if you are selling a vote, do not sell it at a cost which will survive you for a month but for the entire period the payer will remain in office. This is quiet heavy to achieve but it’s to check self centered politicians. It must not be misplaced here that some also wear angelic faces, they are equally disastrous.

Must there be a sharp contrast between African politicians and European Politicians where the former is negated and inferred with ill? No! They are all HERE ON EARTh.


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