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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Am writing for you to know that its time to reshape
our ideas about our way of life. How many of us feel
more than comfortable sitting around a 'social ill'- I
mean those we frown on. How many Christians will
happily sit with a prostitute in church? Guess you
know where am heading. Others will brand you as
sharing her evil. Right? Jesus associated with this
group of people:the lepers, thieves, prostitutes and
the like.(the 'unclean') Why them are we drawing the 
margin with others on one side? Is there a need for
this? Its affecting us as we are missing a lot from our 
maker. Who knows what YOU do in the dark? You
now know who is 'ill'. You conscience is right . Lets
REACH out to them and lets not brand those who
reach out to them. SELAH. Any more?

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