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I'm TETTEH the MUSE // words are what i use // to your heart am like the fuse // without me you will see abuse.// Words make and unmakes // remember the 'let there be's...'

Friday, 21 September 2012

the mice and the cake

Anytime I see you, I feel so different; I get into a world with only you on my mind. When I close my eyes, I see only you­-- I can’t tell if its hallucination but I know I can differentiate between realism and non realism. My breath is all you, I smell you even when you are far off. IT’S ONLY YOU! My mind has you in both the conscious and sub conscious. You bring gales of smiles to my face. You hardly understand who I am-- I am into you. You make me feel so graceful. I see you through my eyes--my pupils. I feel you when you are not around for your words and your name alone makes me whole. When you are close to me I feel something-I don’t understand- wholesomeness.It’s only you- ONLY YOU. When you see me I feel I can’t get you in that TRAP.