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Friday, 11 January 2013


They came from two but one world
By no mere accident
But by destiny and favour
They came together.

She took to the pot
As it is a family tradition.
She knew not her phallus and paare.
In her youth,
She was blossom and beautiful
She worked day out and in
Stimulating and tendering the pot
For the sake of survival.
She never despaired
When times were horrific,
No money, no education, NO more marriage.
No more marriage-
Even after the pain of three achievers,
Life must go on…

He never saw them
She never took to the pot
He took to everything
A bit of that and that-
Carried the pot once,
Sold the nation’s voice.
That never shook him off.
He struggled to be educated
But couldn’t finish the race­­—
No help,
Handsome, charming, principled and strength
Attributed his sixpence character.
For him,
The love for molly coddles
Was no weakness,
He ruled them.
He never despaired in his quest-
His quest for the one to fulfill his quest

Life must go on

He met her
When she was by her pot
His sweet lips and looks
Spoke his heart.

They embrace immorally,
Immorally, she was with child,
His wives wanted to know who is to come
They said a monkey—
The devil is at stake.
After the human delivery
She was down, ill, and weak
Her legs begun failing her
But she stood strong
Life must go on…

In three days
He also came
Adding more trauma.
Now she cannot use her legs.
Her blossoming body shape
Departed from her
But once a flower dies a flower—
No change.
Did he destroy her?
She was not ready for him
But his quest was fulfilled

Life goes on

They embraced morally after
She held on to the maize pot
While he used the fuel
Life goes on…

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