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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


When I met you,
Your heart had a bitter end
Humbly I tried it to amend
To all your needs I tried to attend
Making sure never to offend,
We were just friends.

With you, my time I spent
Your complex ways I tried to comprehend
That all your pals did me commend
Signing letters, your name I did append
My life with you I want to extend
But all she sees me is a friend.

To please you
Flowers I did send.
A ring I did send
To show my intent,
Swellings were my reward
When I did defend (you)
All she sees me is a friend.

Not to have fallen
I tried to pretend
All my feelings
I did suspend,
On God,
I did depend
No longer did I outspend
Self development is my agenda on weekend
All I see her is just a friend.

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