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Wednesday, 4 September 2013


I slept with joy last night
Under the full bright moon
That was flamily bright,
It was real good
Just under my hood.

I slept with joy last night
And to me she coo
Over all the hoo
Of the owl’s in the zoo
And the lion’s roaring too
All place me in a state of doo.

I slept with joy last night
And together had a lovely dream
Hand in hand, walking on the stream
Like Jesus to a heavenly realm
Dancing with a majestic gleam
To feast on heavenly cream.

I did sleep with joy last night
And as a crab gives no birth to a bird
I woke up from a joyous bed
In my heart, a sunbird.



  1. Hi dear,
    Finally i'm here!
    I've read through most of your stuff here. Thanks for sharing them all.

    I hate to play the devil, but for all the love i have for you I beg to be candid here.
    I do not mostly rhyme when I write poetry, the only times I do, they actually just happen.
    This piece, I felt could have flowed easier if you hadn't been to conscious of rhyming. The message is in there but the rhyming sort of spoilt it for me (my opinion though).
    My advice will be to take this, read through and through, recapture the inspiration and just put down whatever comes, and share that with me. ;) (Just an experiment).

    Much love!