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Friday, 4 July 2014


Nothing is heard!

The accused stands hopelessly.
The gavel is varnished,
Beautiful to the eyes,
Is it really a beauty?

Ignorance wields weapons.
“Cling on to survival”
Bells in the head.
The survival of the poor
Is but the dust’s.

Vulnerability threads on wise starvation,
The sated fool is the god of ignorance.

“Who lives not in nothing
Of all things
Yet achieves something
Eternally annoying in love
Of a good word of all that
Is a dog yet to come”

Justice makes no sense out of the fool
As it elopes the wise with sense.
Misplaced in this world?
The truth is perjured!
The guilty is not guilty by sense.
Where is the justice?
When truth is argued and shot
And not what it is.

Like a visitor,
Justice chooses when to visit
And who to visit!
I tune!

No thing is to be heard.
Silence blossoms in our heads-
The quietness of silence is in residence,
Homed in the fear of freedom,
Catered for by faith on high
So high, only reached by foolish humility
Not intellect!

Doom skys our heads
Hopelessness rains on us
As we bath in faith
Only to be dirtied by dull minds
Freedom we have
Yes! We free
We free in doom- freedom.

My hands collect the flute from nature,
My fingers dig the holes of education,
I tune-

I tune!

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