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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


I'm starved
yet I'm reminded of my blessings and fortunes-
The blessing of health 
and the fortunes of peace and freedom.

I'm sick in my stomach!
I have no peace in my stomach!
Hunger frays my being,
The war of starvation kills than the sword
For a peaceful stomach swings the sword well.

My head is sick
It lacks the peace of mind
When the sun fires my head
And evaporates the little i grasp in school.
I'm fortunate to sit on the ground
And write in the earth, the mind
Of my dropped out student teacher.

My society is sick!
Self has won the war with community,
Thrown the communal philosophy,
I am because we are, out.

My country is sick!
My leaders don't serve the populace!
They think they just favouring us
With every initiative they take
For yesterday's administration did nothing about it
So i should hail their trial.

My people have no peace!
Street lights are edifices in the day
And robbery accomplices at night.

Its all about self!

Police barriers are set solely for collection
And our security is for the wind to tell.

The starved poor steals food,
The filled rich steals millions,
Justice drinks with the latter...

One Black Sir opined-
i have freedom of speech
But do i have freedom after speech?

I pray i have that
If a Mayor does not pick me up
For speaking these words,
No peace of mind
No peace of the stomach
No peace in the society

Its faith in Faith that keeps the faithful...
My people just obey their Maker, and
HE has made humility and patience their family,

#Motherland #SocialChange

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