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Thursday, 1 January 2015

AWAKE [on a Morn]

The sun has raised its head from the bosom of sleep.

The morn breaks in fertile daylight.


The yesterday is gone,
The Yesterday is YES to Today
So Yes, Awake!
Awake and travel the path of newness,
Awake and travel the path of freshness.

Yes Awake,
Awake and hold the light of today.
Let not your eyelids marry
And shut your sight away
for your temporal blindness will still see today.

Wake Up,
Together, let's raise His Praise,
Pour thanksgiving from the valleys of our hearts and say:

O' Lord,
Thy Blessings we seek
To make us sleek,
We Pray Thee for strength
Not to war the devil
But win him over to salvation.
We pray Thee for rains of Love,Peace, and Wisdom
to wash hate,war and mediocrity away...
O'Lord, harken to our voice and heart.


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