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Tuesday, 4 August 2015


I looked and looked:
I stared and stared.

I looked and stared
With my eyes refusing to blink.
The one I see looks and stares too.

          I looked,
In her face lies the span of the deep,
All blue to glue vision to her surface
Observing the tide.
I see her wave beauty:
Rising and falling:
From her green hair to her white soles
Rising and falling:
From her cheeks to her cheeks.

          I looked.
She opened her lips:
A tile of teeth perfectly laid.
She looked and stared
“what you saying?”
Her smile seemed to ask.

          I looked to say
“you are just amazing”.
Her teeth glittered,
Left my words in my eyes.

          I looked and looked
I stared and stared
          I looked and stared!

©Nene Tetteh Adusu.

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