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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A STAND PRAISE or what will you


Till you see me through your eyes

I will stand to praise

Sing an infinite hosanna on

How you have lived with me

I will stand by you


Till the pure in heart will see God

I will stand to mourn

Wipe those endless tears

Drying them like the Jordan

I will stand by you.


Till the fallen angel shall fall

I will stand to love

Caring, Trusting and Appreciating

Your every act with reproach

I will stand by you.


Even when you wear a ring,

I will stand to pray

Jealously divining and fasting

That you put asunder the spelled vow

I will stand by to embrace you.


Till you feel what my heart feels

I will stand to feel and hear

Straining to feel and hear what your

Heart sings after the sour grapes

I will stand by you—YOU


I tell you from this stand

That by you I will stand

Till all odd numbers become even

I will light the eternal flame of three

To forever keep US in sight.