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Friday, 3 April 2015


Rowed to screaming distress of guilt:undone:
     Truth of not his Father's.
Sin; that foul act in knowledge,
     Once sought in a garden,
     A woman's deed
     For a man's dead; Irrelevant.

A man of sorrow
     Rowed on my sins: of scarlet red
     Casted on the whitest snow,
     Scarleting Him,
     He poured sin from his palm,
     Head: as thorny crowned-
     Sin, He wholly parted with.

Man of Sorrow;
     From purity, he sprouted
     In purity, he laid,

Man of Sorrow,
     Despised, rejected; thrown to the bush-
     A bush once burnt non burningly.

Spotted by my transgressions.
     Grief, i laid on him-
     a blameless man; i esteemed not.

A man of sorrows,
     Bearing my sorrows,
     Bleeding my blood, Guilty me;
     Of regrets.

In a dry land i grow;
     a tender plant,
     Watered with blood
     Growing in Heaven's flood.

Man of Sorrow,
     A lamb to the slaughter;
     Sharp knives bless his face;unspeaking.
     A sheep before its shearer is dumb,
He watched his death,
     Bore the pain, unspeaking-
     for thoughts of me:
     of you: afflicted: cannot hear the pain
He watched our death in his death.

     He Graced us in the disgrace of death!

Man of Sorrow
    King of Glory. 

© 03/04/15