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Thursday, 3 January 2013


And the LORD told Abraham to look north, south, east and west. He told him he will give the land his eyes çan see to him and his descendant. Our eyes as it is said, is the window to the soul. God did say to Abram that he will bless him but it also depended on what his eyes could see.his eyes virtually earned him the whole earth. In verse 14 of gen.13 Abraham did the seeing after Lot had selected his portion. What is intriguing is that, God made Abraham look in all four direction and that will include Lot's portion. Abraham did not just look at a mere land but a great nation of BLESSED people. He did look beyond the visible for the invisible and that made him the father of all nations. He placed his mind's eyes to work and that influenced everything around him. Joseph cease to see his slavery and prison situation. He looked beyond the visible as he worked and became a blessing to those around him,(gen 39:1-5). Beloved., see beyond your current situation and put your MIND'S EYES to work. What your EYES sees influences you and everything around yoû.