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Friday, 20 September 2013


How I wish you were here

To receive the honour due you

For you are worth celebrating.

With words in mouth,

And ink in hand,

I summon you.

From you I came

So I called you dad,

When you disciplined me

They thought you mad,

And that made me sad

For they misunderstood you.

With your self-made philosophies

You taught me life.

In your assertiveness

You taught me to man up,

With the wrong errors you made

You admonished me.

You taught me how to live,

Think, write nicely, prepare sandwiches…

You are the imperfectly perfect father

One can ever have.

When mum offered her bosom

To receive our cry

You asked us to pick ourselves up.

You hardly cooked

But provided food.

You ears were closed to excuses

So you excused all excuses…

When we erred, you left us-

Not that you never cared

But respected our decision

And we bounced back after

The hit you counseled us against.

I thank God for making you my father

I cherish you, dad

You memory lives on,

Your seeds are growing

Thanks to the ever-flowing

Water you watered us with…

His name is:


He lives on...