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Saturday, 14 December 2013

the LOVE CHRONICLE; a collection of verses


A beautiful lady with a thoughtful heart
Radiating the souls of men with smiles
Endless like the sea around the earth.
I saw the beauty on the outside
After seeing the beauty on the inside,
For her personality speaks joy.
Her imperfection only defines her humanity.


She walks on care and caution
in the shoes of kindness and love.
Wears clothes and make up of heaven,
perfumes herself with home.


You are the desire of men
All will love a second with you.
For me, my mollycoddle
I don’t know why I long for you
For love happened before my thoughts.
Having you,
My home is half completed.


My heart gives way to her breath,
I become dead when she is around
For her aura becomes my surround.

Love and hate jump on stage to fray,
I then sit like an audience watching a play-
An absurd play.


Things happen to people,
I’m no different .
Love knocked, K)
Knocked, K)))
Knocked, K)—
I spoke to love behind the door
With my hands pushing hard at the door
For I feared it will force its way in.
Like vapour, it permeated my being.
Love just happened to me.




I work hard to climb out of you
I then stood at the top with joy,
You snap your finger with presence
And I fall into you with joy-
A safe residence.


—A Presence Tale—

With a beaming gleam
She came out of the blue
To the desolate trembling heart.


Awoken by the song of the bird
Announcing the presence of the heart’s goddess,
The clown sips memory from his brain
In the midst of the traumatic rain
That stands still in his heart—
A love stain.


She left him with thoughts
Which are thoughtful in all thoughts.
He lingers in thoughts of her
As though she was with him,
But she with him
Yet out of his reach.
A piercing thought.


He looked up to the night and
A full moon was up with a smile
A foreshadow-
A full moon is rare
Yet he asked her to share,
Share in the philosophical moment-
Just like the full moon comes
So will joy come.

But what is more beautiful
Than living with joy?