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I'm TETTEH the MUSE // words are what i use // to your heart am like the fuse // without me you will see abuse.// Words make and unmakes // remember the 'let there be's...'

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Where does peace lie?

Is it that light aired garden
where trees wave troubles Goodbye
And sing lullabies to sorrows?

Is it standing by the soft, clean
Flowing stream, so fresh,
Quietly lugging angst along?

Is it kneeling in prayer,
Rendering clothes
and throwing weighty conscience
In the face of deities?

Is it the self fulfilling of conscience
Which cannot be reaved by laws,
so selfish and unjust?

Is it the silence after a shot?
That silence, the silence,
blessed by the transcendence of a soul?

Where lies the peace?