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Saturday, 25 April 2015


Across the lands walking on earth
Sits on the silkiest part, a cave
That has caressed the lips of gods
With the virgin cola nuts
Chewed with the wisdom teeth
With palm wine, the purest water,
Watering the growth of this age.

I stand with my face in the stream,
A picturesque of myself,
                Of myself, so dark,
                Image-less without her.

A jwɛtɛi passes like the the whirling wind,
I call on the "kane" from "boka""
sing it to light the wood by our side
But "Kane eka dun mli"
M3ni hew)n?

the pearl after my own heart
Has passed the fairest caves,
Touched the land of the ancestors
And here I pray she stays with me FOREVER

Only the earth can sing of her deeds
only the sea can beat her appellation on the obonu
Only I can tell the tales she bears on her lips
She is the music i dance to
She is my sweetest love...

Happy earth day Mom.

Nene Tetteh Adusu,
Son of Juliet Akweley Tagoe.