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Tuesday, 4 August 2015


O’ pretty sunshine
Hide not behind the clouds
Forsake not the heart
Aloof in time.
Catch my breath
In the net of your voice.
Let thy silent whisper
Entangle my ears
In the web of this virgin morn.

(C) Nene Tetteh Adusu


I looked and looked:
I stared and stared.

I looked and stared
With my eyes refusing to blink.
The one I see looks and stares too.

          I looked,
In her face lies the span of the deep,
All blue to glue vision to her surface
Observing the tide.
I see her wave beauty:
Rising and falling:
From her green hair to her white soles
Rising and falling:
From her cheeks to her cheeks.

          I looked.
She opened her lips:
A tile of teeth perfectly laid.
She looked and stared
“what you saying?”
Her smile seemed to ask.

          I looked to say
“you are just amazing”.
Her teeth glittered,
Left my words in my eyes.

          I looked and looked
I stared and stared
          I looked and stared!

©Nene Tetteh Adusu.


I ring you on my hand
Like the ocean rings the earth.

I am the mystery hooting bird
Moving from dust to dust:
Trophying the casted ring
Atop my prisoned heart: singing
A ballad from the preface to our creation.

You are the charm that circles my heart –
The unbreaking circus of wild bulls
That wall my soft broken heart
Showing off the core remains:unburied
Between time and space.

A perfection of a dying wind
Whirling up the sands into the air:
An act by the circus
At the wake of your lips.

I sip through the sand
Windy whirling wind,
The delight of my heart.

The quick sand runs out!

~nene tetteh adusu


Moments slipped passed the wall
built after strawed cornered stones.

A wavering wall like a leaf
dropped from a tree lowly stood: blown
by the wind.

Moments stolen
by a being ignorant of thievery,
but a thief knows not a gift
neither does he appreciate freedom.

~nene tetteh adusu